J-1 Scholar Eligibility


To be eligible for the J-1 Visiting Scholar Program, the exchange must meet the following basic requirements:

  • The prospective scholar and NNU department must have a mutual interest in collaboration in a research or teaching area.
  • The J-1 program may not be used for the sole purpose of employment, or for completely independent work with no relationship to the university.
  • Scholars must hold, at minimum, the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in their field; OR
  • Scholars must have the skills, experience or educational background appropriate for the exchange program activity.
  • Although there is no minimum English language requirement, scholars must have a sufficient understanding of English to be successful in the exchange program and for day-to-day living in the U.S. 
  • There are limitations on holding a J-1 status repeatedly. See information on Scholar Categories and the 12/24-month bars.
  • The scholar must have adequate financial support for the exchange program.