J-1: Transfer Process

SEVIS Transfer to NNU
For your SEVIS record to be transferred to NNU from another school you must meet the following requirements:
  • Admission to NNU
  • Valid J-1 Status (demonstrated on the Transfer Information/ Clearance Form)
  • Full-time course load maintained at your previous school
  • Proof that your academic plan at NNU is a direct continuation and in the same field of studies as your original plan of study at your first J-1 university or college.
Please provide contact information for your J-1 International Student Advisor at your previous school before you complete the procedures for transferring your SEVIS record to NNU. After your SEVIS record is transferred, contact your admissions counselor for information about obtaining your new DS-2019.

Orientation and Immigration Check-in
A mandatory orientation session is required for all new NNU J-1students. You will receive email information about the orientation.

You are also required to check-in within 15 days of the start of the term with the Registrar. Failure to complete your immigration check-in will place you in violation of your student status.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My new DS-2019 from NNU doesn’t have an immigration stamp. Is that okay?
A: Yes. New DS-2019s are issued for a variety of reasons and are only stamped upon entry or re-entry into the US.

Q: I am transferring to NNU from another school. When can I start working?
A: After your SEVIS record has been transferred to NNU, as long as you have completed at least one academic term at your previous school. You may only work on the campus which currently maintains your DS-2019. You are eligible for off-campus employment after one full academic year in the US, including all schools you’ve attended. See Employment for more information.

Q: Do I need to keep my old DS-2019(s) or can I just throw them away?
A: Never throw away your old DS-2019s. They provide a record of your immigration history.

SEVIS Transfer from NNU
To transfer your SEVIS record from NNU to your new school, you must follow these steps:
  • Submit the NNU Transfer Request Form 
  • Supply a copy of your admission letter to your new school
  • Supply proof that your government or embassy approves your transfer, if you receive support from them.
In your new school’s admission documents there may be a Transfer Clearance Form that verifies your J-1 status. NNU will complete this form for you, but will not transfer your SEVIS record until the above steps are complete.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When can my SEVIS record be transferred to a new school?
A: Your record can only be transferred between semesters and must be transferred before the first day of the next term at NNU.

Q: I plan to travel outside the US before classes start at my new school. Which DS-2019 do I need to come back to the US?
A: You will need the DS-2019 from your new school. Once your SEVIS record is transferred your DS-2019 from NNU is no longer valid.

Q: I have a job on campus. Can I work after my SEVIS record has been transferred? What about Academic Training?
A: No. All work authorization at NNU ends when your SEVIS record is transferred.

Q: I’ve completed my transfer to my new school. Can I throw away my old DS-2019 from NNU?
A: No. Never throw away your old DS-2019s. They provide a record of your immigration history, which you may need for filing for new immigration statuses in the future.