Opening a Personal Bank Account

Before you begin your studies, it will be helpful to open a Bank Account here in the United States. There are several options. If the student is able to establish an account with Bank of America or Chase Bank in their home countries, those accounts can be accessed directly once they arrive in the United States.

If it is not possible to create accounts at Bank of America or Chase bank, NNU will help the students establish an account in the first few days of their arrival. These banks are located within a short driving distance of the University. Money can be wired to these accounts from the student's home country. Students can choose to make payments with this money by writing a check or using a debit card.

Paying Your Student Account

We encourage you to plan beforehand about how you will pay for your student account when you arrive. Full payment is due upon your arrival to campus.

We recommend 2 options to safely and efficiently pay for your student account:
  1. Wire funds electronically to NNU directly. Please e-mail BusinessOffice(at) for the wife transfer information.
  2. Wire funds electronically to your bank in the U.S. Once you arrive, you will be assisted in opening a bank account in your name. You may then have someone in your home country transfer the necessary funds to your account electronically. Once the transaction is complete, you will be assisted in how to pay NNU by check or debit card.
Once you arrive at NNU, you will receive an ID and password to access your student account information online at