Employment and Internships

Jobs On and Off Campus

As an international student, one option for funding your college education is on-campus employment. Such opportunities include office assistance and support staff for various departments.  You may explore on-campus employment opportunities by using the career center website (http://www.nnu.edu/campus-life/career-center/) or by dropping by the career center in the student center.  You may also qualify for off-campus academic internships.  Internship postings can be found in the career center or by visiting your academic advisor.  
To obtain on-campus employment
  1. Apply for an on-campus position through the career center
  2. Once you have received a job offer, visit the multi-cultural affairs office to receive an Employment Authorization Letter
  3. With assistance from the multi-cultural affairs director, apply for a social security number.
  4. Complete an I-9 and W-2 (United States tax forms) by visiting the switchboard in the Administration building.
  5. Meet with employment supervisor to confirm schedule and assigned duties. Begin working! 
Guidelines for employment for F-1 and J-1 visa students
  1. You may not work more than a total of 20 hours per week while school is in session.
  2. You may be employed full-time on campus (20-40 hours per week) only during holidays and summer vacations if you have the qualifications for the job and you intend to register for the next semester.