English as a Second Language (ESL)

English Language Institute (ELI)

NNU's ELI (English Language Institute) Program is designed for English as a second or additional language learners who plan to pursue a degree at Northwest Nazarene University. This program provides academic English preparation courses to develop ESL students' language skills for reading in an academic context, writing research papers and comprehending academic lectures.

Why choose NNU's ELI program?

Studying at the English Language Institute, you will:

  • Learn English in an academic setting with instructors who understand your language needs
  • Take language courses and traditional undergraduate courses in parallel
  • Interact with American students on campus
  • Study in a safe and supportive environment

ELI Coordinator

Joe Willey

ELI Curriculum

Fall Semester
Fall semester, students will enroll in 2 courses of English language study and support courses, 2 courses of cultural studies, and 1 supported traditional undergraduate course determined by the ELI coordinator. Two additional credits may be taken in approved skills courses.  A total of 15 - 17 credits is possible during the fall semester.

Spring Semester
In the spring semester students will enroll in 3 English language study courses and up to 8 additional lower division credits from an approved list. A total of 15 - 17 credits is possible during the spring semester. With successful completion of these courses, students will have earned credits toward an academic degree.

Semester Courses Descriptions Lower Division Undergraduate Courses
Fall ENGL1061
Academic Language Acquisition I
Course-specific Language Support
Cultural Orientation for International Students
Dynamics of Intercultural Dialogue
Maximum 5 additional credits
Spring ENGL1062

Academic Language Acquisition II
Academic Language Use in Writing
Academic Reading and Grammar
University Writing and Research
Maximum 8 additional credits